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What matters most? Have you assessed your health priorities lately?

For the past 20 years, Dr. Salscheider has been challenging college students to identify what matters most to them when they think about their health.  He did so initially by asking them to prioritize their six dimensions of health.  After 20 years of student feedback, those six dimensions were eventually expanded to thirteen and categorized into 4 groups. They are:

Mind Health: (1) Emotional (2) Intellectual;

Body Health: (3) Physical (4) Recreational (5) Sexual; 

Social Health: (6) Family (7) Friend (8) Love (9) Spiritual;

External Health: (10) Environmental (11) Financial (12) Occupational & (13) Political

Students have said that prioritizing the 13 dimensions of health was: "insightful, life-changing, and fun."

After 32 1/2 years of teaching health at Minnesota's Bemidji State University, Dr. Salscheider is focusing his academic "encore years" on taking his health priorities project to a national level.

The NHPP is a 20-question, thought-provoking, health-enhancing, electronic survey that takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.  University faculty and deans are encouraged to examine the NHPP to see if this national research opportunity is a good fit for their students.

Thank You!  Thank You!   Data collection ended 1-1-17

The NHPP has exceeded it's goal of 2000 participants with 2464 students from southern California to Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Jersey, Virginia, Tennessee, Kansas, Colorado, Texas and Florida.

Any questions, get back with me at:

To have access and download the results, click the pdf below:

Watch the 12-Minute NHPP Video


To watch the video, click on the photo above.

Dr Karl Salscheider, Professor Emeritus of Health

Dr Karl Salscheider, Professor Emeritus of Health

Bemidji State University (MN)

Bemidji State University (MN)
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