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Guess the Rankings of this Data Set


The Excel document that is attached contains results of Dr. Salscheider's 182 students from the fall of 2013.  41 students were male (23%) and 140 students were female (77%).  One student did not identify gender and only partially completed the survey. The average age was extrapolated from the categorical data to be 25.3 years old.  The columns of the document from left to right begin with: Rank (#s 1-13), Component (left blank so you can guess), Mean (the maximum mean is 13 and the minimum mean is 1), As #1 (indicates how many students selected this component as #1, As #2 (indicates how many students selected this component as #2) etc...The last column indicates the total amount of students selecting this component aggregately.

The 13 Components of Health that may Matter Most

Mind Health (interpreting sensory data, thinking, attributing, & making decisions effectively)

1.  Emotional Health: feeling good, fostering resiliency, contentment and stability, addiction-free
2.  Intellectual Health:  advancing knowledge/discernment via quality unbiased thinking and decision-making

Body Health (cellular to biomechanical system efficiencies)

3.  Physical Health: efficient bodily functioning via fitness, nutrition and rest, minimal chronic pain
4.  Recreational Health: merging refreshment with leisure activity, play and rest
5.  Sexual Health: experiencing appropriate sexual thoughts and appropriate physical expressions, sometimes with exhilaration, often with intimacy, not under coercion or violence, often limited by culture and law, and satisfied with current level of sexual expression

Social-Interactive Health (the quality of your personal relationships)

6.  Family Health: quality of committed relationships with mom, dad, sons, daughters, procreation, brothers, sisters, grandparents, dog, cat, etc., minimal family dysfunction
7.  Friend Health: quality of committed relationships with non-family and non-partner acquaintances
8.  Love/Mate Health: quality of committed relationship with a mate, spouse, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend; sharing love together, emotionally romantic, this is not about sex (that's under sexual health)
9.  Spiritual Health: your belief and/or relationship with a power greater than yourself, or oneness with nature/universe, or relating purposely with God, may consider the concept of eternal life, or TBD, or spiritual health does not exist

External Health (the quality of your environmental, financial, occupational, and political assets)

10.  Environmental Health: the quality of the climate around you, the physical & mental conditions of your community where you live, including and expanding beyond clean air, clean water, and sustainability
11.  Financial Health:  acquiring and appropriating assets/finances to an acceptable threshold and enjoying financial stability and sustainability
12.  Occupational Health:  job fulfillment and personal achievement, creating value in what you do at a safe place at work or at home
13.  Political Health: enjoying and exercising freedom, being at liberty (pursuit of happiness including freedom of expression and movement, owning property, voting, etc.)