Karl's Professional Vision & Mission Statements

My personal professional vision is to be recognized as the primary driver in establishing and sustaining BSU's health education program as the premier undergraduate health education program in the state of Minnesota.

My personal professional mission is to prepare employable, competent, caring and innovative health education professionals who will not only enjoy a wonderful profession, but also enhance the quality of life of those whom they will serve.


Realizing this vision and ratifying this mission are accomplished by:

a.    Creating and implementing an exemplary health education curriculum based on the latest research, state and national standards (see BOT PEPER II 100% fully met health standards).

b.    Providing stimulating, challenging and impacting instruction that really matters (see student evaluations).

c.    Broadening BSU's influence statewide by delivering quality graduate and undergraduate on-line classes to those seeking MN health teaching licensure and community health content (see BSU Health Education).


Karl's Philosophy of Health Education

Health is a subject with unparalleled application to the quality of life.  No other subject enjoys such consistent 24-hour, 7 day-a-week relevance as does health.  The study and application of health knowledge optimizes our potential to lead productive and satisfying lives.  I can think of no subject so pertinent as health.

All students are individually unique.  They are also all capable of learning. Although students are diverse in their aptitudes (intelligence, work ethic, skill sets, maturity, experience, etc.), my task as a teacher of health is to find a way that all students successfully progress up the learning ladder.  Because of aptitude differences, various levels of learning will occur.  Yet, I must not be content to lay the burden of learning exclusively on the learner.  Although I encourage my students to be intrinsically motivated and self-efficacious, I take 50% of the responsibility for student learning.  If my students fail, then I fail.  Failure can only occur if one of us, or both of us give up.  It will not be me!  And it shouldn't be you either.


Strategies I will use to be a successful health teacher:

  1. Create a comprehensive and fully integral class syllabus that details the content and expectations of the class.  This syllabus will also include the various assignments, projects and examinations to be undertaken as well as the corresponding assessment and grading criteria to be fulfilled.
  2. Develop learning activities that are both stimulating (make students think) and challenging to better prepare students to make quality decisions that enhance their health and those whom they will serve.
  3. Engage in discussions about what matters most from both student and faculty perspectives.
  4. Establish a learning environment where students feel at liberty to engage and participate with minimal reservation.  This also includes the component of earning the student's trust.
  5. Consistently demonstrate persistence in encouraging students to take that next step in learning and application.
  6. Utilize and act upon student evaluations to critique both my teaching performance as well as the content covered in the class.