Dear Professor, Department Chair, or Dean:

I am writing to invite 25-100 of your students to participate in a national study about what's important to them as they think about their health. This 20-question (10-15 minute) electronic survey asks college students to prioritize the 13 components of health. It has a 20-year informal research base from health students attending Minnesota's Bemidji State University.   Going national with this research effort will lead to an expanded data set about the health priorities of college students. As well, a data set for a newly developed Quality of Life Index will provide a baseline for this entry-level health assessment tool.

A stratified cluster convenience sample from ~ 60 different colleges/universities nationally is expected to generate a sample size of  ~2000 college students. The target population will be college students attending health-related classes and/or those participating in health-related major/minor clubs.  The targets of this stratification are based on percentages from the latest US government figures about college students (72% from state schools, 28% from private schools; 57% female, 43% male, geographic quadrants, etc.).

Based on our stratification model, your institution has been selected to participate.

SurveyMonkey will be the venue for collecting and analyzing student responses. This process has been specifically designed to protect and ensure anonymity.  No student names or email addresses will be sought or identified. There will be no way to connect individual students with student responses. As well, you and/or your designated administrator will receive aggregate data from your student participants within 2 days of completion. Your institution will never be identified with any data set nor identified as a participant.  It is likely that somewhere down the road, you and/or your students will talk about participation in this study with other students and colleagues, but nowhere will your institution or students ever be identified.

As a community of college health professionals, we are all interested in our students discovering new ways to personally enhance their health.  As previous student evaluations have suggested, personally understanding, prioritizing, and evaluating the 13 components of health can be "enlightening, impacting, and fun."

For more information on how your students can participate, contact me at:

Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully requested,

Dr. Karl W. Salscheider

Professor Emeritus of Health, Bemidji State University

Director of the National Health Priorities Project

30693 US Highway 2, Cass Lake MN 56633