"In the mid-1990s, Dr. Salscheider developed an insightful personal health assessment tool that enabled our students to prioritize the 6 components of health.  Karl has since expanded those 6 components to 13. Over the years, he has challenged virtually thousands of BSU students to identify and enhance their specific health status.  As Dr. Salscheider goes national with his presentations and data collection, I eagerly await his findings."  Dr. Martin Tadlock, Provost and Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Bemidji State University

"Dr. Karl Salscheider has invested his entire career teaching others about the value and accessibility of health.  Now, he has developed an emphasis on the "13 components of health" allowing participants to further develop their personal wellness."  Dr. James Barta, Dean of the Tift College of Education, Mercer University

"Dr. Karl Salscheider provided the research needed to procure funding for multiple approaches to reducing the exceptionally high rate of youth tobacco use in Beltrami County.  As one of the founding directors of the Beltrami Tobacco Education Awareness Movement (B-TEAM), Dr. Salscheider engaged BSU Health students as mentors to 5th grade students in the most successful, highly publicized and enduring campaign of the B-TEAM: the Poster/T-shirt contest.  Additional research by Dr. Salscheider and his students bolstered support for passing the most comprehensive smoke-free ordinance in the State."  Marti Lundin, Program Manager, American Lung Association of Minnesota

"Dr. Salscheider is clearly a leader in the state of Minnesota in Health Education.  In particular, his knowledge of the Minnesota State Health Education standards and his ability to reduce those standards to practice contributed greatly to the health programming at Bemidji State University."Dr. Patrick Guilfoile, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Karl provided a valued professional service to the state of MN by serving as a health program reviewer for the Board of Teaching.  His expertise was evident in his meticulous review of teacher licensure program applications for health educators.  As a result of his thorough evaluations, the Board of Teaching was assured that the colleges' preparation programs delivered the health standards required to prepare highly skilled health teachers for our K-12 schools.  JoAnn Van Aernum, Teacher Education Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education

As a part of our internal, seven-year department review, Dr. Salscheider acted as our external reviewer for the Department of Health & Human Performance at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. His expertise in Health, Physical Education, and Athletics helped him complete a thorough and insightful review of our program. Before his on-campus review, he studied all our documentation and was well-prepared for his visit. While on-campus, Dr. Salscheider conducted his review with utmost professionalism when meeting with faculty and staff, administrators, community members, and students.  His recommendations in the final report helped provide the motivation and justification for curricular revision, request for an additional faculty position, and ideas related to the development of a graduate program. Dr. Salscheider completed all his work in a timely and supportive manner. Dr. Salscheider was an excellent reviewer of our program.  Dr. Faye Perkins, Chair of the Health & Human Performance Department, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

"Dr. Karl Salscheider was a digital pioneer serving students online before the turn of the millennium. Karl served the nationally award-winning DLiTE program at Bemidji State University where he designed and taught the first online Health Elementary Methods class to students enrolled in one of the nations first online teacher licensure programs.  Dr. Salscheider exemplifies professionalism towards his students and his colleagues."  Dr. Barbara Bridges, Founder -DliTE and FasTrack. Bemidji State University

"Dr. Karl Salscheider is an outstanding health educator.  He is widely read on best practices, utilizes the on-line platform to enhance student's learning, and is a compassionate teacher.  I highly recommend Dr. Salscheider for any professional encounter his qualifications deem appropriate." Dr. Janine S. Wahl, Director of Clinical Experiences, Bemidji State University