9/6/2015 4:33:51 PM
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SurveyMonkey was/is incapable of performing the mathematics necessary to calculate our Quality of Life Index Score, nor able to embed it within the survey.  If you would like to utilize the calculator to determine your Quality of Life Index Score, you are welcome to download this excel document.  Since it uses calculations, which makes it easy for us, you must enable macros. Once you open the Quality of Life Index Calculator, start by identifying your health priorities by finding your #1, then utilize the drop-down menu within the box.  Continue to do so for all 13 components of health.  Then look to the right side of the page and see satisfaction levels for each of your 13 components of health.  Go to the appropriate box and the utilize the drop-down menu and identify your levels of satisfaction for each (-5 to +5).  Be sure to click "sort" when done.  This tool will calculate your health priorities with a 13 to 1 weighted scale quality of life index score and also provide color-coded rankings: (a) sorted by importance, (b) sorted by satisfaction level, and (c) sorted by quality of life index score.  The intent of this tool and survey are too provide a data set and establish norms.

Any questions, get back to me at ksalscheider@bemidjistate.edu