• A 20-question 10-15 minute on-line survey prepared for ~ 2000 college students nationwide attending health-related classes.
  • Students are asked to:
  1. View a 12-minute on-line video describing the informed consent, survey process and the 13 components of health.
  2. Read the informed consent and agree.
  3. Prioritize 1 through 13 their 13 components of health.
  4. Indicate their levels of satisfaction with each of their 13 components of health.
  5. Identify general demographics such as age, gender, race, perceived income level, and world-view.
  6. Complete the survey within the designated time span (usually3-5 days) and click "done".
  7. Participate with their professor or group leader in a debriefing and discussion session about class norms (aggregate data only, no personal information included) at the facilitator's discretion.
  • Student, Faculty & University identity is protected by:
  1. no email address identified or required.
  2. computer IP address identification set on off position.
  3. no mention of your participation in any public documentation or report.
  • Faculty are asked to:
  1. Procure or have Dr. Salscheider seek administrative approval for your students to participate.
  2. Provide the university specific SurveyMonkey link to his/her students.
  3. Receive a pdf of the aggregate results the within 2 days after the designated date of completion.
  4. Engage in a debriefing and discussion session with his/her students about the aggregate results at the facilitator's discretion.
  5. Data collection concludes in December of 2016. Anticipate the national data set to be released in the near future.