A Special Challenge to Professors, Chairs and Deans

To me, these data sets are fascinating.  You too may be intrigued at the patterns and variations, all types of curves (bell, inverted bell, skew left, skew right), and even a full regression line left to right.  These are my students, but what about yours?  Do you wonder how your students would prioritize their 13 components of health?  Would they wonder what their classmates think?  How satisfied are they with each component of health?  What are their Quality of Life scores?  Do males have different priorities than females?  Do they have different levels of satisfaction with their priorities?  Do older females differ from younger females?  Do these other demographics matter?  Do the results differ for those who have a god-oriented world view versus those who don't?  With an expected 2000+ stratified student sample from across the 4 regions of the country, these questions can be answered.  For a notable portion of my students, these data sets, along with their own, have been illuminating.  They can be for yours too!

If you are curious about this survey, view it or take it yourself!  There's a practice version for interested faculty, staff, chairs & deans.  It will just take you about 10-15 minutes!   You may go to:   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/J9VZS8M You will have the same protections as your students; no IP address or email information and no way to be identified.  If you agree to the informed consent within the survey, then proceed.  If you wish to print out your results, do so.  When you are done, click "done".  Before you take the pilot survey, be sure to watch the 12-minute video to better understand the project's parameters of the 13 components of health.

If you didn't like your experience, then perhaps you have spared your students some agony.  On the other hand, if this sparked your interest in health priorities and their satisfaction levels, please consider permitting your students the opportunity to participate.

We would give them a 3-day window at your choosing.  The following day I will send you a pdf of the aggregate results of your students as well as some recommended questions for some great conversation.

As long as you don't share my previous pilot data with your students before they complete their surveys, I could send you a pdf with the aggregate results of my 182 students from the fall of 2013.

If you have any questions, email me at: ksalscheider@bemidjistate.edu and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your time and interest in the National Health Priorities Project!